The First of its kind electric vehicle race

Charge Across america

Join us on the road to zero-emissions

The Vision

Over the course of 10 days, the first-ever event of its kind race, eight teams of drivers — of various backgrounds and skill levels  — will race across the US, from New York City to Los Angeles, using only electric vehicles. 

The race, “Charge Across America,” will be featured in a gripping multi-part docuseries, but extends well beyond the world of reality television. The race will help highlight key technologies and exponential gains made in the world of electric vehicles, while also underscoring just how feasible it is right now for drivers all over the US to potentially adapt to these energy efficient cars.  

The teams will brave the expected elements that come with a long-distance driving race — route navigation, fatigue, inclement weather, tough terrain, and others. They’ll also overcome the unique challenges that come with driving electric vehicles, such as identifying charging stations along the way and strategizing how much mileage they can clock in before recharging. 

The first team to reach Los Angeles will be named the winner, and will drive off with the electric vehicle they raced in. But all participants, sponsors, and viewers alike will benefit from witnessing firsthand how viable, and exhilarating electrical vehicles are today and how we can, together, pave the way to zero emissions.

Paving the Way to zero emissions


During the 10-day race electric vehicle race, eight pairs of drivers will: 

Kick off the event in New York City in conjunction with the FIA Formula E race

Drive across the US, from New York City to Los Angeles, through a range of areas, including major cities, small towns and national landmarks, using only electric vehicles

Compete to be the first electric vehicle to reach Los Angeles, and be named the winning team of Charge Across America

Share successes, concerns, and frustrations in real time in a multi-part reality TV docuseries, produced by a major network

Spotlight local and minority-owned eateries, hotels, shops and other businesses while making stops across the US

Showcase the work of cities and companies spearheading the development and deployment of cutting-edge technologies that support the electric vehicle and future mobility ecosystem

Partake in team challenges and competitions daily 

Give back to local communities, which includes donating an electric vehicle to a family in need

Race dates: October 31st- November 9th, 2021

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“There’s so much great progress being made in electric vehicles but there are still key opportunities to address. As a society, I have no doubt that we will absolutely rise to the challenge. Charge Across America’s vision is to bring the ecosystem together, inform the public on the possibilities, and accelerate development. Together, we create the future of how we move.”

Kristin Slanina | Managing Director | Charge Across America | LinkedIn